Gasoline runs through our veins. The road ahead is a lifestyle choice. Carinum Travel is our adventure.

We plan and organize very special, highly exclusive road trips. A thrilling mix of driving and pleasure for any car enthusiast.

Our journey might take us to the heel of Italy’s boot. We could schedule a stop to take a yacht tour, or to sip on a variety of delicious wines among picturesque vineyards.

We love being on the road and exploring the world with every single one of our senses.

Our road trips last several days, taking you past magnificent scenery and romantic mountain ranges, with the scent of freedom in the air, your vehicle no more than a colorful spot racing through the countryside.

And of course you can recharge your batteries at our carefully selected hotspots. We opt for unique hotels and unforgettable culinary experiences in the world’s most beautiful locations.

Adventure is all around; sometimes you just have to change your perspective. It’s fun getting together and sharing your passion with others who have the same interests and status.