Carinum Storage not only provides secure parking and storage for your car, it also offers professional maintenance and upkeep. Your vehicle is in safe hands with us. Until whenever you decide to take it out for a spin.

In the meantime, your marvelous machines will be well looked after. We take the time it needs to pay attention to every aspect of car maintenance and care.

You access our storage space via car elevator. The concierge holds the only key and, with advance notice, escorts you to your vehicle. You step into a space in which the temperature is kept at a minimum of 19°C. This is perfect for all types of paint and contributes significantly to preserving your vehicle’s value.

The generously sized parking spots offer more than enough room to maneuver around each individual car. Enough to allow every car to receive unrestricted care and attention at any time.

We constantly maintain your vehicle so you can always be sure it will be gleaming on arrival.

If you prefer, for scheduling or other reasons, we will be happy to transport your car to an address of your choice.

In short: our services are extensive. Special requests are no problem at all – we just love a challenge.

Carinum Offering (PDF)